Sunday 09th May 2021,
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To Seal Rocks and Beyond…

Some of you may be wondering what has happened to those crazy Batty kids since our last post which was just under a week before our predicted departure date.

Well the good news is we actually managed to leave on the 27th as planned! Mind you we didnt do it until 5pm but hey, a date’s a date right?!  it was a crazy few days saying good bye to friends and family but we finally managed to get our life in order and on the road. The shed is packed to the rafters (as are numerous family and friend’s sheds!!!) with all our homely comforts and the Patrol is now filled to the brim with the bare essentials (sort of). It was a tough choice deciding between the case of beer and River’s car seat but luckily for River she was looking particularly cute in her tigger outfit so the beer lost.

Our first stop was with family for 2 nights at Bonnells Bay. After lots of hugs and kisses (especially for Thomas our 6 month old nephew who will have changed the most by the time we return) we moved on to Seal Rocks, just north of Newcastle. It was here we experiened our first sleepless night due to illness (River) and bloody injury requiring first aid (Brendan).

With grey skies looming we donned the rain gear and set out to explore the town. The campground where we stayed over looked the beach so we made a quick stop to check the surf (3-4ft point break, little bit fat) then up the hill to the local look out. The view from the top was just beautiful. We could have stayed all morning just watching the waves break on the beach below but alas the moment was rudely interrupted but a sudden torrential downpour 🙁  In case you were wondering, our new rain gear works a treat (thanks Kathmandu & Pumpkin Patch!). Thus was the weather for the rest of the weekend. pouring one minute, sunny the next.

Brendan managed to get out on the waves a few times in between showers. That is until he decided to battle with some local rocks on his way out… With damage to his hands, feet, back and bum a little break was needed from the water for a little while so we decided to get moving again and head a few hours further north to a little spot named Point Plomer. To access the area from the south you need to get the Hastings River ferry across to the north bank. It costs $3 for vehicles and trailers and runs 24 hours. 

A little north of Port Macquarie, Point Plomer is a popular little camp ground. Considering it is not holiday season the place was pretty packed out with at least 6 other couples already there when we arrived. A lovely bunch of retirees enjoying some touring in their camper vans 🙂 With the main area being mostly flat grass land it was a great spot to set river up on her trike and get a bit of riding in while the sun was out.

We also enjoyed some visits from a few of the locals (kookaburras, echidnas and all manner of strange looking birdlife). We heard the dingos at night but never spotted one for ourseleves. Although the sun stayed out the swell also picked up over night to around 8ft. Bit much for Brendan to handle so we spent most of our time playing on the beach or around camp.  If you are ever in the area we recommend checking out any of the camp sites around here (there are quite a few within a short distance from one another).

Dont forget to check out our gallery for recent pics of our adventure so far.

Until next time

B, A & R

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  1. Bianca Young 5 May 2011 at 6:39 am

    Hey guys,

    Sounds like the start to a fun filled adventure. Nice battle wounds! Well done Batty!

    Hope you’re all the excitement continues! look forward to your next write up!

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