Saturday 22nd July 2017,
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You know you’re a caravanner when…

You know you’re a caravanner when…

You have an innate ability to remember boom gate codes at a single glance.

You still think feet and inches is an acceptable unit of measurement

You run out of something from pantry and go, “It’s okay, I think we have some in the van”

You pull out of the caravan park and toss a coin to see which direction you should head to next

You leave as soon as it gets cold down south and you’ve forgotten what a cold day feels like

You’re in bed at 7pm and up at 5am so you can get the next best free camp spot

Other caravan drivers give you the wave driving past you!

You find yourself waving to other caravanners on the road, even when you’re not towing yours!

You look at an item and wonder how much it weighs.

You are thinking about your next trip away, and you are only un-hitching from the current trip

You hold up all the traffic by doing 80km in a 110km zone

You find good value for money in the place you choose to stay for a few days!

You have no fear of reversing the van for kilometres because you can’t do a u-turn due to the terrain. “No, the other left hand down!”

You think 24-inches is a big TV

How do you know you’re a caravanner? Let us know in the comments!

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